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$5,000 Grant Awarded for Commissioning of Wounded Warrior Sculpture

“Heroic Challenges” to serve as inspiration for wounded veterans undergoing rehab

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes (Coalition), a leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding the lives of severely wounded veterans of the War on Terror, today awarded a $5,000 grant to fund the design and construction of a bronze sculpture to be placed in an outdoor recreation facility at the Prescott VA hospital.

The larger-than-life sculpture, “Heroic Challenges,” by renowned artist Clyde “Ross” Morgan, will depict a runner crossing the finish line with a look of determination and exaltation on his face. The winner of this race, however, is distinguished by a prosthetic leg, a tracheotomy scar on his neck, several shrapnel wounds and burn scars on one arm.

“Sometimes the easiest challenge for a wounded veteran is doing without a part of their physical body, although those of us who have not gone through this will ever understand just how difficult this can be,” said Morgan, while discussing his vision for the artwork. “What’s not immediately realized, even by the veteran, is the amount of psychological and physical damage one suffers due to the concussions involved in the wounding to begin with. As the NFL is finally identifying in its veteran players, concussions can cause all kinds of brain impairments, from dizziness, to depression, to an inability to cope with life at all.” Read More.

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