An Emotional Return to Iraq

I was nervous to take those first steps off that C-130. The last time I was in Iraq, the result was not what I envisioned. I was shot in the face, just south of Baghdad, and blacked out for a minute afterwards, When I regained consciousness, I saw a large puddle of blood – MY...
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Houston Rodeo Revisited

Yet again my hat is off to the Houston Rodeo! Before the three-week-long event ended on March 20, I was invited back a second time, along with other wounded warriors, for the “swine auction,” which was preceded by one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had: eggs, bacon and sausage, of course, along with pancakes,...
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The Trials of Dogsledding

The Trials of Dogsledding Imagine being told that you would never be able to dance at your daughter’s wedding, or do certain activities that you once pursued passionately. Would you accept defeat or would you strive to adapt – to prove to doctors, your family, the world, but most importantly, to yourself, that you are...
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