Sarah Daughenbaugh

Senior Director, Coalition Programs

Sarah is Senior Director, Coalition Programs and  has been heavily involved with the Coalition since 2008 where she started as a HTH representative and as opportunity and her ambition would have it, was promoted as a Co-Director of the Program. Sarah began with the heartfelt phone calls to Coalitions donors thanking them for supporting the Coalition and the initiatives of the HTH program. Calls that are very well known to the other vital members of the programs team.

Sarah is the wife of US Marine Cpl Donny Daughenbaugh who was seriously injured in 2004 when he was shot in the face during a vehicle search that left him with residual nerve damage and other health problems. Upon Donny’s injury Sarah left her career as a Senior Claims Adjuster with Nationwide insurance to help him along his recovery, a career in which she excelled at her position and had been trained to deal with a large number of situations. Along the way she learned valuable life lessons regarding veteran’s advocacy.

Sarah is very supportive and active within the military community and strives to do all she can in supporting our veterans and their families. She enjoys time with her 3 amazing children, 2 four legged children and husband, currently living in the greater Houston area.

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