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Luxury Cruise for Combat-Wounded Veterans and Spouses

For the more than 50,000 American soldiers wounded during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the emotional and relational strains they encounter upon their return home present another burdensome weight that can make already-difficult situations even worse.

The stresses that often accompany severe injuries – including loss of limbs, head wounds, PTSD and more – frequently require the veteran’s spouse to forsake his or her own career to become a full-time care-giver. The subsequent loss of income often forces families to sell homes, move in with parents or, in the worst of circumstances, become homeless. Add children to the mix, and the situation can quickly spiral downward.

Recognizing this unfortunate, yet all-to-familiar reality, the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes (Coalition) organized a Veterans Day couples cruise for 10 combat-wounded veterans and their spouses. The all-expenses-paid luxury vacation on Celebrity Cruises was held from November 16-23. Read More.

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