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Providing Training and Support to those Who Care for Our Nation’s Severely Disabled Veterans.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find another caregiver or a network of caregivers like the Veteran’s Caregiver Alliance to talk to. There are so many other people going through a similar situation or the same things you are. It’s a big help knowing you are not alone.
~ Whitney, veteran caregiver

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes recently hosted our first virtual conference. Throughout the week, VCA coordinated fun, interactive workshops with guest speakers as well as provided training and resources to focus on the mental wellness of caregivers. Check back here for future caregiver events.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Veteran’s Caregiver Alliance is to improve the quality of life for the caregivers of our Nation’s combat-wounded post 9/11 Veterans. We accomplish this by guiding our caregivers through all services available, while identifying and filling gaps in services. We work with like-minded VSO’s, government agencies, and community initiatives, to assure the needs of our caregivers are being met, both privately and publicly. The care and compassion from one caregiver to another is a bond that we ensure is not easily broken.

The Veteran’s Caregiver Alliance has helped me by showing that I matter too! Caregiving is not an easy job and we have to fight constantly for our vets to get the care and benefits they need. It’s easy for us caregivers and our needs to get lost. When caregivers are forgotten, they struggle over time to provide help for the veteran. The Veteran’s Caregiver Alliance shows us it’s the little things that help us thrive on this journey.
~ Teresa, veteran caregiver

As a member you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Mentor Support & Camaraderie within the program. *This is a benefit that is an ongoing benefit. Is this something you are interested in? Our communication with you can be done in a few different ways. You may receive calls, text or emails. Which would you prefer?
  • Monthly Caregiver Meetings (Participation is optional)
  • Receive Local Event Updates in the form of our monthly email newsletter
  • Eligibility for Various Scholarships – We are currently offering that chance to apply for scholarships to Veterans, their dependent children and their spouses – (If they are interested offer to have Program Manager send them information) 
  • Skillsoft Online Education Opportunities
  • Free Financial Coaching
  • Discounted benefits from various companies 


The Veteran’s Caregiver Alliance is needed to support our nation’s injured heroes. Those of us who care for a veteran sometimes let our own needs slip because we’re so dedicated to caring for our family. This program helps to alleviate as many of those skipped needs as possible.
~ Lacy, veteran caregiver

For more information on the VCA program CLICK HERE

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