Celebrity Friends

Celebrity Friends and Public Service Announcements

“I am an American-not Republican or Democrat. But every American must do everything or anything to help our injured troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Nobody can do enough to show our thanks and profound appreciation for the brave sacrifices that so many of our servicemen have made for our country and all of us.”

Additional Celebrity Supporters:

Danny Aiello

Jason Alexander

Ashley Bell

Jack Black

Lynda Carter

Tim Conway

Larry Csonka

Charlie Daniels

Tony Danza

Jamie Farr

Jeff Foxworthy

Lee Greenwood

Wayne Gretzky

Charles Grodin

Valerie Harper

Tommy Lasorda

Brenda Lee

Jack Nicklaus

Oak Ridge Boys

Robert Patrick

Kenny Rogers

Jack Scalia

J.K. Simmons

Ricky Skaggs

Joe Theismann

Rusty Wallace

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