Why We Help


Many of our nation’s servicemen and women have suffered severe burns, brain damage, loss of limbs, paralysis, and other disabling injuries during combat in the global war on terror. Though prepared to battle in defense of the freedom and liberties you and I have in America, many of these wounded warriors were not prepared for the battle they would be facing when they returned home.

Because of the slow government bureaucracy our disabled veterans are waiting for several months and often over a year for their first disability check after leaving the hospital and retiring from the military.

Compounding the problem is many of the spouses of our severely disabled veterans must quit their jobs to take care of them. Others cut back to part-time hours to become caregivers.

With rent, mortgage, food, and utility bills staring them in the face, it becomes extremely difficult for these heroes and their families to avoid financial disaster.

For example, we were contacted by Frank J., a veteran, who is rated by the VA as 90 percent disabled as a result of wounds sustained in Afghanistan.

This past year has been the worst,” Frank wrote. “Lost my job, lost our house, car and the bills just piled up. . . . My wife was upset and crying daily because we could not do the things for our children that we had done in the past.

“I had fallen into such a hole of despair that I almost took my own life and was so tired of disappointing my family.”

With the generous support of caring people from all across the nation, the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is able to provide emergency financial aid and other important services to our wounded heroes to help them on their road to recovery, just like Frank.

So please make a special, tax-deductible donation right now, because our goal is to provide critical support to every one of our qualified veterans who sustained disabling injuries in the global war on terror and contact us. With your help, the Coalition will be able to answer the call.

We have more than 40,000 troops fighting radical Islamic terrorists in dozens of countries around the globe. But also remember the road to recovery is long and sometimes never ending. Many of our injured servicemen and women deal with ongoing health issues, some are facing lifelong struggles.





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