Your Dollars at Work








The Coalition is a national leader in providing direct financial aid to severely disabled veterans in need. We have disbursed more than $21 million dollars in aid and other support services through our various programs in the last 11 years and millions more since our inception in 2004. We are dedicated to serve our veterans severely wounded or disabled in the Global War on Terror. Over 75% of our staff are combat-wounded veterans or their spouse/caregiver.



In 2022 we gave over $426,000 in direct emergency aid. With these funds, we helped combat-wounded service members meet a wide range of urgent financial needs – particularly if they are waiting for their disability benefits to begin, lost income because their spouse had to quit working to become their primary caregiver or long-term effects of their combat injuries. Many disabled veterans are now facing large debts incurred during the global pandemic as they struggled to support their families in unstable times. Now they are being hit again with inflation and the ultra-high cost of everyday items. This ongoing uncertainty is creating even more stress and a rise in mental crises among our veteran community.



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