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National Food Truck Program

The Coalition has proudly partnered with the national non-profits Feed the Children and Blue Star Families in hosting food truck events across the country for military families in need. Together we were able to feed over 12,400 veterans and active-duty military families over the past few years.  Hundreds of supporters and volunteers in each community have continued to rally around the mission and we have received extra help from companies like BB&T, Home Depot and Amazon Fresh. In addition to the food and hygiene boxes we distributed thousands of children’s books and a special edition James Patterson book to adults. With the long-term effects of COVID, the unstable economy and the skyrocketing cost of goods – many military families are still struggling so we have plans in the works to help feed over 3,600 veterans and their families through our 2022 Food Truck events across the country. 

Confirmed Food trucks:

  • October 28        29 Palms, California
  • November 5      Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • November 5      Rally Point 2022- Nokesville, VA

We are looking for volunteers and local companies to partner with in each of these areas. For more information please contact Mary Jessie Herrera, U.S. Army (Ret.) at

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