Salute Heroes Family Network

Salute Heroes Family Network

The mission of “America’s Little Helpers,” is to provide the children of wounded and disabled veterans with resources, support, and outlets to help them cope and thrive while living with the effects of their parents mental and physical war wounds. Our goal is to provide these brave kids with outlets such as in-person and online educational support, virtual and in-person art therapy, day camps and multi-day retreats. Other types of therapy are equine, music and recreation. The strongest form of support for these kids is creating opportunities for them to bond and form relationships with other children of disabled veterans.  To learn more CLICK HERE 
VC is a free membership program designed to provide a network for America’s combat-wounded troops. Qualified members receive numerous benefits including: being eligible for holiday meal and gift checks, receiving monthly updates of events and employment opportunities across the nation, special discounts and the ability to communicate with other disabled veterans in a private environment. To apply for the FREE Veteran Circle peer support membership, click here.  

The mission of the VCA is to improve the quality of life for the caregivers of our nation’s combat-wounded veterans. We will guide caregivers through all services available while identifying and filling gaps in those services. We will work with likeminded veterans service organizations (VSOs), government agencies and community initiatives to assure that the needs of caregivers are being met, both privately and publicly. A key to our success must be strengthening the care and compassion that caregivers share with each other, and to do all we can to support them. To apply for the FREE Veteran’s Caregiver Alliance caregiver support program, click here.


The Coalition distributes thousands of gift checks and Thank You cards to disabled service members across the nation for meals and other urgent needs during the holidays.  The difficulties that disabled service members and their families face can become even more acute around the holidays, particularly if their financial resources are limited. To ensure these heroes are able to enjoy these occasions and are aware of the public’s gratitude for their sacrifices, the Coalition distributes gift checks ranging from $60 to $500 prior to major holidays as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since inception over 48,000 checks/cards have been sent to disabled veterans and their families.

Our field representatives’ support the Coalition’s mission through frequent contact with local VA and DOD medical facilities, military bases, veteran’s organizations and the population at large. They represent the veteran community at national parades, festivals and patriotic events to share information with the public. The Coalition also produces Televised Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring a range of celebrities to communicate the needs of wounded veterans and encourage public support.
The Coalition organizes sporting events, outdoor expeditions and a host of activities that provide wounded veterans time to recreate and interact with their peers who are also overcoming their injuries.
The Coalition informs millions of Americans about the needs of our combat-wounded veterans and how they can help through its direct mail program. Our Thank You card program distributes hundreds of thousands of cards each year to wounded troops with notes of encouragement from supporters. We also appeal to the public to ask Congress for more adequate financial assistance and compassionate treatment for injured service members. In the just the past 6 years, more than 2.5 million Thank You cards have been sent to injured troops and veterans recovering in VA hospitals and their homes.
Our relationship with other organizations allows us to be the key factor in facilitating the disbursement of donated goods. We have partnered with the national non-profits Feed the Children and Blue Star Families to distribute emergency food boxes and books to thousands of military families in need across the nation.  Click here to learn more about our National Food Truck program.


The Coalition offers online training in more than 1,500 courses to help you build or expand your educational credentials.

  • Self-paced classes means you learn at your own speed
  • If you know the material already, you’re free to skip over it
  • It goes where you are. As long as you have a computer and Internet access, you can take your classes wherever you are
  • You can earn credit toward a college degree, continuing education units, or business certifications

Click here to learn more about the partnership between the Coalition and Skillsoft.

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