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The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is dedicated to providing severely wounded veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn with the financial assistance and support they need to rebuild their lives and restore their hopes for achieving their greatest potential.

No matter how large or small, any amount of time, money or resources you can contribute to these heroic men and women will be appreciated. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Make a donation now
  • Get your company involved
  • Run a fund-raising event on behalf of CSAH
  • Provide housing for families of wounded soldiers who are recuperating or rehabilitating far from home

For more information, please call us at 888-44-SALUTE (888-447-2588) or e-mail us at

Many Ways To Give

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan organization, and as such, contributions are tax-deductible. A donation to the Coalition is more than an expression of gratitude for the sacrifice made by a veteran who was severely wounded while defending our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are also providing them with the means needed to recover from their injuries and illnesses and rebuild their lives.

We offer several options for making a contribution.

Financial Contributions
By Credit Card: You can make an online donation to the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes with your credit card through our secure server at, or over the phone at 888-44-SALUTE (888-447-2588).

By Check/Money Order: Send a contribution by mail to: CSAH, 552 Fort Evans Road, Suite 300, Leesburg, VA 20176.

Monthly Giving: Please consider becoming a Partner for Heroes and set-up your monthly contribution by printing and returning this this form or you can sign-up online today

Sponsorships (NEW)

Heroes Freedom Weekend is a great way to sponsor our best!  Learn more HERE!

Text to Give

>For a quick and easy way to donate, use our TEXT function.

Just type SALUTEHEROES and text that to 91999 and you will be directed to our page to donate to the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes! Thank you

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. To request a CFC Charity List and/or a pledge form, please contact your local CFC office. Our Campaign Locator will assist you in identifying the CFC office where your official duty station is located. Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes CFC #12523

Corporate Giving: We accept matching gift contributions from participating employers throughout the United States. Please contact us for information on how to include CSAH in your company’s matching gift program.

Employee Programs: The CSAH is a participant in many employee giving campaigns in corporate, state, and municipal workplaces throughout the country. Please contact us for information on how to include CSAH in your company’s giving program.

Stocks/Planned Gifts/Bequests: We accept gifts and bequests from your estate, as well shares of stocks, mutual funds, or other type of securities. Please have your attorney or estate planner contact us to specify any conditions for usage of funds.

In-Kind Donations: Certain goods and services can also be accepted as gift in kind donations, the proceeds for which when sold go directly to support CSAH and its programs. Please contact us to discuss your in-kind donation.

Donate a Vehicle to Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes:

Donate a car fast and easy to benefit Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes with Donate Direct.  Your car, truck,or other vehicle provides the crucial support Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes needs to continue their mission in your community.

When you donate, you get all of the following:

  • Free Pick-Up from your home or office running or not.
  • A Great Tax Deduction for the value of your vehicle.
  • Fast and Easy – no paperwork hassle.

To get started click on the  Donate Direct Referral Form

For more information, please call us at 888-44-SALUTE (888-447-2588) or e-mail us

Marketing Campaign

Many of our nation’s servicemen and women have suffered severe burns, brain damage, loss of limbs, paralysis, and other disabling injuries while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. Though prepared to battle in defense of the freedom and liberties you and I have in America, these wounded warriors were not prepared for the battle they would be facing when they returned home.

Because of the slow government bureaucracy our disabled veterans are waiting for several months and often over a year for their first disability check after leaving the hospital and retiring from the military.

Darren Downing-hospital picCompounding the problem is many of the spouses of our disabled veterans must quit their jobs to take care of them. Others cut back to part-time hours to become caregivers.

With rent, mortgage, food, and utility bills staring them in the face, it becomes extremely difficult for these heroes and their families to avoid financial disaster.

With the generous support of caring people from all across this nation, the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is able to provide emergency financial aid and other important services to these wounded heroes to help them on their road to recovery.

Jamel_Abdul-AzizSo please make a special, tax-deductible donation right now, because our goal is to provide emergency financial aid to every one of our nation’s veterans who sustain disabling injuries in Afghanistan or Iraq and call for help. With your support, the Coalition will be able to answer the call.

We have more than 30,000 troops fighting radical Islamic terrorists in dozens of countries around the globe.

And more are returning home wounded each week.

You can also show your patriotic support of our wounded warriors in another way. Please send a Thank You and Get Well Card to a disabled serviceman or woman and let them know their sacrifice hasn’t been forgotten.

Please give generously. They were there for us, and now it’s our turn to be there for them.

2019 Emergency Financial Aid Program

Since 2004, the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes has provided disabled American veterans Emergency Financial Aid and support services. READ MORE…

Veterans We’ve Helped

Thanks from Our Heroes

Juan G. Perez, U.S. Army (Ret.)Juan_PerezFamily

Without the help of CSAH, my family and I would be homeless. We were facing being evicted and CSAH came along and paid our rent allowing us to get back on our feet. My wife and children are so glad to have the security of our home. Thank you so much for the security you have given our family. One less thing to worry about right now.

Peter L.
“Thank you for everything you have done to help myself and other vets in life. I have had over 50 surgeries from being injured in close quarters combat in Mosul, Iraq on Nov. 19, 2005. I was shot 3 times once in the head, body and through the right shoulder shattering my scapula into 15 pieces. This means so much to me. Not being able to work and live off a budget gets tough let alone going through the process. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Ret. Staff Sgt. Dan Shannon
dan-Torrey“The Coalition was able to step in and help us when we needed it the most, when [Dan] was leaving the Army but not yet in the VA. They covered that gap for us financially and kept the lights on and a roof over our head and food in our stomachs. That to me is an incredible gesture of thanks.”
Timothy H.
“Thank you so very much for thinking about my family during the holidays. They can and usually are some of the worst times for my family because of how depressed I get. As a disabled veteran, things are mostly difficult financially, so every bit helps. Thank you for standing up for veterans and always having our backs.”

Hellen S
“A lot of people just don’t understand how we as veterans struggle sometimes. We have limited finances that don’t last us the entire month after we pay rent, lights, and utilities. So I am so grateful for your gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


Wounded troops who return from service often require extensive help in order to adjust to the dramatic changes that have taken place in their lives. Volunteering just a small portion of your time means a great deal to those who have given so much for all of us. You can help by:

  • Running errands for a wounded soldier or his/her spouse;
  • Taking a wounded soldier to a movie, baseball game, or other event in their community;
  • Mentoring or tutoring wounded troops who want to develop new skills for job training;
  • Organizing a community civic organization breakfast or luncheon to raise money and awareness;
  • Providing housing for families of wounded soldiers who are recuperating or rehabilitating far from home.

If there’s a wounded service member in your community who needs help, click here to contact us by e-mail or by phone at (888) 447-2588.

Volunteering at a Department of Veterans Affairs Facility
Without the help of volunteers, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) could not provide the quality of health care it offers America’s veterans who have been wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Men and women of all ages serve as volunteer partners on the team of health care providers assigned to each veteran. Some bring skills and knowledge, while others bring a desire to explore and learn.

Many come with a gift for working directly with patients while others bring dependability to assignments behind the scenes. All come bearing the greatest gift of all – themselves.

As a VA volunteer, you will experience the gratitude and recognition of VA staff, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s hospitalized veterans.

For more information, call CSAH at (888) 447-2588 or click here to email to find out out more. To find the VA facility nearest you, go to the VA locator map or visit its volunteer services webpage.

Our Supporters

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes receives donations from all walks of life. We are truly grateful for each and every piece of support we get. The following list of companies, foundations, and individuals have gone above and beyond in their contributions (either by direct contribution or through matching gifts) and we wanted to give them special recognition. Any donation to the CSAH is more than an expression of gratitude for the sacrifice made by a veteran who was severely wounded while defending our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. We appreciate all who provide them with the means needed to recover from their injuries and illnesses and rebuild their lives.

Action Mailers
American Target Advertising
Vector Security
Lamont Brands
The Monument Group
Capital Caring
ColorTree Group
Glory Days
Tito’s Vodka
Honor Brewing
Knight Point Systems
Petersons Ice Cream Depot
Total Wine
Morgan & Meredith
UV Country

Bennigan’s Northrup Grumman Quest Diagnostics
Chevron Microsoft General Electric (GE)
Lockheed Martin Brown Helicopter Inc. NBR Enterprises
GlasxoSmithKline Bank of America BHP Billiton
Alliance Bernstein American Express Pepsico
Shell Thrivent Halliburton
Prudential Merck Qualcomm
Liberty Mutual Dell JPMorgan Chase
AIG Exxon Mobil Macy’s
Dominion Power IBM Pfizer
Chubb & Son Home Depot Foundation
Sanofi Foundation for North America
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