Jorge De Leon

Jorge joined U.S. Army in 2001 after eight years on the police force in Puerto Rico. Jorge was deployed four times and on his second deployment to Afghanistan in April 2004, Jorge and his unit were on their way back to camp after a patrol through the region. Jorge was driving a Humvee, the lead vehicle of the convoy when it ran over an anti-tank mine.

Having taken the full brunt of the mine, Jorge was the only one injured in the explosion. He lost his right leg immediately in the explosion and his left leg was severely injured. He underwent a long recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and now wears a computer-controlled prosthetic leg.

Jorge briefly returned to law enforcement, working for the Department of Defense as a radio operator with the police department at Fort Sam Houston.

Today he is employed full time with CSAH as Director of the Family Support Network and CSAH Liaison to Brooke Army Medical Center. In addition, he serves as a the Assistant Vice President Midwest and National Spokesperson for CSAH to help to raise awareness for the organization and to inspire other wounded veterans to remain hopeful, even in times of extreme distress and isolation. Jorge’s story is one of perseverance that can be a model for those going through similar situations.

He resides in Texas with his wife and three young children.

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