HillVets 100

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes and our CEO David Walker were named to the very prestigious HillVets 100 list under the “Non Profits on Fire” heading.  We are honored to be recognized for what we do for our Heroes and also to be named among some of the organizations we have worked with for many years to advance the cause of our Veterans and caregivers really adds quite a bit to the accomplishment!

The details of the category:  The men and women in this category have built successful and well-known non-profit enterprises, all of which have the mission of helping service members as well as those within their local communities. These individuals understand the importance of building a strong community and recognize the constant challenges that many veterans and their families face. As such, they have dedicated their life’s work to ensuring that they bring positive and impactful change to those around them, as well as offering relevant opportunities for veterans to find a way to continue their call to serve.

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