Heroes Freedom Weekend 2021

Heroes Freedom 2021

Veteran marriages are at an increased risk of divorce – The current worldwide pandemic has increased this risk exponentially. The Coalition to Salute Americas Heroes is dedicated now more than ever to strengthening families and making marriages Veteran Strong. Attendees are all wounded Veteran couples who have served during the strenuous Global War On Terror and all have suffered mental or physical wounds or both. They have expressed the need for help in their marriage to stay together and help them prevent divorce.
Who: Dr. Johnny Parker and his wife Lezyln are providing the relationship building, life coaching and relationship blueprints that truly work.
What: We are bringing in 14 wounded / disabled GWOT Veteran couples for a marriage enrichment retreat.
When / Where: May 25-28th in Colonial Williamsburg VA. This is the perfect backdrop for this transformation. It’s historic, it’s peaceful and there aren’t’ constant sights and sounds that aggravate the wounds of war.
Why: These Veteran couples need marital, enrichment & counseling to rebuild what their military service, wounds / disabilities, and the strain of COVID 19 has taken from them. We want to keep Veteran families together because they have the highest divorce rates in the country. Surveys have revealed that losing a spouse or family is one of the primary reasons a service member will attempt or commit suicide. We want to work to stop that.
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