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Rob Jones Blog- We Could Be Heroes

Throughout my childhood my hero was Cal Ripken, Jr, shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles. I thought he was the coolest person alive, and I wanted to grow up to be just like him. To my young mind, he was the personification of a hero, mostly because he was a star on my favorite baseball team, he was the Iron Man of baseball, he hit a lot of homeruns, and regularly made highlight reel worthy plays in the field. No further qualifications were necessary. Although my hero worship of the Iron Man has since waned, my admiration for him has carried over into adulthood. The reasons, however, are much more thoughtful, and center on his qualities as a man, instead of being boyish judgements concerning for READ MORE…

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CEO Walker meets with Lieutenant General Clarence E. McKnight

A tremendous honor for our organization recently. Our CEO David Walker was personally invited to an event at the Army Navy Club where he met up and spent time with Lieutenant General Clarence E. McKnight. General McKnight’s military career took him around the world, and he served in Korea, France, Germany, India, El Salvador, Panama, and Vietnam, as well as in the United States. During his career, he was successful at every level of service, from his leadership of a signal platoon during the Korean War to his command of the Army Communications Command, a Major Army Command. His career culminated with his assignment as the Director of Command, Control, and Communications in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. Walker presented a Coalition Challenge READ MORE…

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