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Exciting Job Opportunities- Washington DC Area

Thanks to our Jil Hinds for pulling this together.

The team at Platinum Business Services in Laurel, Maryland has several excellent job opportunities.

You can click below to see what is available and you can learn more about this Veteran Owned organization- HERE.

To send your resume for the jobs note the link in the description.

Thank you Platinum Business Services for “betting on vets” and putting our heroes to work!




GSA Transition – Technical Writer

GSA Tranistion – Mid Telecommunications Technician

GSA Transition – Senior Communications Analyst

GSA Transition – Senior Contract Specialist

GSA Transition – Sr Task Order Project Manager

GSA Transition – Mid Telecommunications Engineer

GSA Transition – Mid Project Manager

GSA Transition – Sr Telecommunications Engineer

GSA Transition – Mid Communications Analyst

GSA Transition – Mid Contract Specialist


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